Announcing the 2012 SADC People’s Summit

As the SADC Heads of State will be meeting in Maputo, Mozambique in August 2012, the ordinary peoples of Southern Africa will also converge in Mozambique under the auspices of the Southern Africa Peoples’ Solidarity Network (SAPSN).

About the SADC People’s Summit

The SADC Peoples’ Summit is a forum of civil society organizations and social movements from the Southern Africa region that meets parallel to the Annual SADC Heads of State under the banner: Reclaiming SADC for Peoples’ Solidarity and Development.  The Peoples’ Summit is a people’s platform to share experiences, map out strategies and build solidarity around common challenges The Peoples’ Summit concept began in 2000 when SAPSN organised a workshop parallel to the Heads of Summit held in Windhoek in Namibia. This was followed by the 2006 and 2007 Summits in Maseru and Lusaka respectively.  The 2008 Peoples’ Summit was held in South Africa, whilst DRC hosted the 2009 summit, Namibia hosted the 2010 summit and Angola hosted the 2011 Summit. 2012 will see Mozambique hosting the summit in Maputo.  The SAPSN aims at improving participation of the general citizenry in the policy making processes of the SADC by ensuring that the peoples’ voices are registered at the regional level.


This year’s Summit is expected to bring together participants from community-based groups, social movements and civil society organizations from all corners of the region under the theme “Reclaiming SADC for People’s Development – A People’ SADC: Myth or Reality?”.


The People’s summit will have plenaries, roundtables and self organized sessions under the broad themes:

– Food Sovereignty and Climate Change

– Democracy and Human Rights

– Gender and Women’s Rights

– Debt, Trade and Economic Justice

– HIV/AIDS/Health Issues

– Extractive Industries

– Trade and investment agreements that continue to give rights and privileges to corporations at the expense of people’s livelihoods.

In solidarity with the ordinary People of Mozambique, the People’s Summit will pay particular attention to the impact of mining and the new land deals spearheaded by government at the behest of TNCs and foreign interests. 

Participation and Contribution

Participation is open to all ordinary citizens of the region. Groups, organizations and individuals. Organizations must register their activities and are expected to mobilize and support the presence of their representatives at the Summit.

Dates and Venue

The People’s Summit will be held on the 15th and 16th August 2012 at Mumemo Centre in  Marracuene District, Maputo, Mozambique

For more information on the 2012 Summit, contact: ZIMCODD on +263 4 776608/ 776830/1.

Important numbers to save for directions to the venue whilst in Mozambique are

Name Mobile Number
Isabelle Dos Reis 258 827711439
Boaventura Monjane 258 822605010
Grace +258 842108296 —- (from the 13th – 17th August
Vicente Adriano 258 825132059

 Venue Address

Congregação das Irmãs Franciscanas Hospitaleiras da Imaculada Conceição


Mumemo – Marracuene District –(around 30 km from Maputo city)

Maputo Province


Na Estrada Nacional nº01 (On National Road nº1)

Entrada em fente à Nova FACIM (entrance in front of the new FACIM, the International Exhibition Center of Maputo


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  1. Shante says:

    esta e’ a nossa SADC, deixar que as pessoas possuem. Viva a pessoas unida viva!!!!!

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